Principal's Message

Sr. Shilpa B.S (Principal)

"A goal in Education is an all-round development of the human person with respect to one’s ultimate goal and to establish non- violent and non-exploiting social, cultural and economic order based on a vision of life that is consistent with the Gospel and Dignity of human person." Says the Great Luminary and Visionary, the servant of god R.F.C. Mascarenhas, the founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Little Flower.

Dear Parents, students and well wishers I take this opportunity to greet you with immense joy, appreciation and gratitude for your love and support. Bethany Convent School has been at your service for over 51 years. This is not just a school but is a Family in which the Educational Community, the Management, staff, Students and Parents work actively to foster this FAMILY SPIRIT. This entire atmosphere of Bethany Convent School is permeated by this spirit, which promotes love , justice, peace, collaboration and cooperation leading to a human family of trust, harmony and brotherhood, this guiding spirit has helped us to make a deep impact in creating GOODWILL among all sections of society.

God is the real educator and Education is the work of Love. There are many role models who emulated as great educators and walked and walked on the footprints of the Lord with holistic approach. Bethany Convent School empowers the Teachers , Students and Parents to bring out quality individuals kind cooperation, love and service to school that enables the Management to maintain good standard of discipline , values , and carry on the spirit of the Founder.

It is my privilege to serve the people of Naini through quality education and humble service. Mother Teresa said "I am like little pencil in God’s hand. That is all. He does the thinking He does the writing. The pencil has only to be allowed , to be used." My aim is not only to be an administrator but also to be friend and philosopher. I assure my humble service to the students, parents and others. I wish every student to abide by the motto ‘Love and Service’ and carry on the Bethanite spirit in all the activities they undertake.

"May God bless Bethany Convent School and all those who labour untiringly to keep us moving ahead on the path of progress. May we learn from the PAST, live fully in the PRESENT and look forward with hope to a bright FUTURE. May the motto "Love and Service" inspire all those who come into the portal of Bethany Convent School."